OUR Mission

To inspire the world to collaborate to make airway management safer.

Our Vision

A world in which the complications of airway management no longer exist. 


Solidairity is just the beginning

When a patient cannot breathe on their own due to general anesthesia for surgery or due to a critical illness or injury that affects their ability to breathe on their own a clinician will place a life sustaining breathing tube into the patient’s trachea in order to control their airway and breathe for them. Although airway management is a life sustaining procedure, it can be associated with many safety events & complications, many of which can be life threatening.



Unplanned Extubation
Failed Intubation
Tube Mal-Positioning
Exposure To Excess Pressures



Severe Brain Injury
Vocal Cord Injury or Paralysis
Sore Throat


We have invented and patented a unique portfolio of design concepts and products, inclusive of both capital equipment and disposables, to address the wide range of complications of advanced airway management. These products are in various stages of development and IP protection and are referred to collectively as the Ultra Safe Airway Management System.