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SolidAIRity is a fully integrated airway stabilization system designed and patented to provide airway stability for ventilated patients.  


Its unique ribbed endotracheal tube and interlocking stabilizer stands up to significantly more force than the leading competition, while maintaining unrestricted air flow. Competitor devices pinch, squeeze, or adhese to the breathing tube, decreasing air flow by as much as 40%. According to independent testing by biomedical engineers, SolidAIRity is so secure, the breathing tube will break before our system hits its fail point.

*data on file at Securisyn


Ultimate stability

With the Stabilizer/KAD Collar interlock system, 7.8 times greater force is required for inadvertent tube removal compared to current anchoring techniques.

Data on file at Securisyn Medical.

Place with precision

Luminesce® reflective depth localizer bands may increase the certainty of depth positioning relative to the vocal cords, which may decrease the potential for laryngeal damage and other undesirable outcomes.


Make meticulous adjustments

A numeric scale on the stabilizer tower is designed to facilitate easy and accurate depth repositioning of the endotracheal tube, usually following radiographic confirmation of exact position in the trachea.


Thoughtfully engineered 



The proprietary safety complex is designed to provide greater reinforcement and added security against damage to the ETT inflation and suction lines.


A backup for the backup

The twist-lock mechanism is designed to minimize unintended removal of the 15mm connector, while allowing easy removal of the connector when intended.


Intuitive design

SolidAIRity is designed to be quick and simple to use for any practitioner. The device is designed for easy access to the mouth for better and easier ongoing patient care.


Dollars and sense

Unplanned Extubation racks up $4.9 billion in wasterful healthcare costs every year. That's an average incremental cost $41,000 per patient and $100,198 per ICU patient.7,8 Reducing the occurance of Unplanned Extubations by even a few percentage points could mean huge savings for both patients and hospitals.


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