Unplanned Extubation Activism

As champions for airway safety and prevention of Unplanned Extubation, there are five things you can do to improve airway safety and help us move toward our goal of zero preventable deaths from Unplanned Extubation.


Step 1

Do an assessment

Ask the question: Are you adequately tracking UE? If the answer is YES, then find out what is your rate of UE? If it is zero, then you must share your best practices with Securisyn and others, so we can close the gap. If your rate is not zero, then determine where you fall on the performance range relative to benchmark and use that information to increase awareness within your hospital.


Step 2

Schedule a meeting

Armed with the information you have obtained, meet with your C-suite leadership team (CMO, CNO, CSO, CQO) and tell them about the perils of Unplanned Extubation and the extensive patient safety collaborative that is supporting this effort. Make them aware of how costly this problem is in both lives and healthcare dollars.


Step 3

Get a commitment

Get them to commit to empowering your quality and safety teams to develop a program that will accurately measure where your hospital lies within the UE performance gap.

> Airway Safety Movement

> Patient Safety Movement

> Society for Airway Management


Step 4

Deploy IHI model for improvement

The IHI model is a simple, yet powerful framework aimed to accelerate improvement across a organization.

> Get the Model


Step 5

Share your successes

The aim is zero preventable deaths, but even small improvements are worth sharing.

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