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From a leading military medical distributor 

[Our] mission is focused on providing life-saving products for battlefield medicine. Our innovative product portfolio includes this portable oxygen systems, respiratory and intubation devices, and hemorrhage control products. We partner with innovators with disruptive technologies to bring their products to life with our US Military and NATO partners. The product and technology being developed by Securisyn fits perfectly in our portfolio and is truly innovative. They fill a significant need in the prevention of unplanned extubation (the unintended removal of a patient’s life sustaining breathing tube) of airway tubes for patients who need to have a breathing tube in place. Currently there are no products or technology available in the market – commercial and military - to prevent this from happening. The military is focused on identifying solutions to support longer evacuation times to be able to save lives - called Prolonged Field Care. Having products such as the SolidAIRity™ Airway Stabilization System (SolidAIRity™) by Securisyn can be game changing in saving patient lives.

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From one of the largest public hospitals in America

The SolidAIRity™ Airway Stabilization System represents a completely unique and disruptive technology that will be unlike any other tube retention device on the market.  When we saw this system for the first time, we both had a “Eureka!” moment where we were completely surprised by how elegantly the system worked and the completely new approach Securisyn has taken to reducing unplanned extubation.

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From the Chief Medical Officer for one of the leading air ambulance companies in the USA

…Securisyn Medical seeks to eliminate unplanned extubation with its new device that holds the tracheal tube in place in a unique way. I also serve as a physician advisor and Institutional Review Board (IRB) chair for Air Methods, a national medical helicopter company headquartered in Greenwood Village, Colorado that transports nearly 100,000 patients each and every year; I am involved with the part of our service that transports nearly 60,000 patients each year and in any given year, 12% of our patients are on mechanical ventilators and we have learned that moving patients from hospitals into and out of ambulances and helicopters creates another opportunity for an unplanned extubation. Because of this hazard and the detrimental effects on our patients, we investigate each and every tube dislodgement to better understand and mitigate the risk. We will trial this innovative product from Securisyn Medical in our air medical setting to measure its effect on our unplanned extubation rate.

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From a leading global healthcare investment banker

We consider SolidAIRity a breakthrough technology addressing a number of key thematic trends within healthcare, including improved patient outcomes, cost-containment, streamlined workflow and safety, by preventing one of the most frequent complications in intensive care units (ICUs) and neonatal ICUs (NICUs), namely unplanned extubation. This serious complication has been shown to increase patient morbidity and put patients at greater risk of death. Irrespective of prevalence and risk to patients, attempts in developing technologies to address this problem have failed or have been inadequate.   

The SolidAIRity system is an elegant, highly effective approach of the securement of the endotracheal tube, creating a more secure intubation and making it significantly resistant to displacement versus existing standards, while preserving the full integrity and functionality of the tube. Innovative technologies, such as the SolidAIRity system, are not only drivers for the advancement of patient care but embody characteristics and features attractive to large medical device consolidators, hospitals and payors. Furthermore, the hospital’s ICU/NICU represent some of the most expensive care settings within a hospital and avoiding unplanned intubation can have a meaningful impact to an expensive preventable cost and overall bottom line.

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